the acne newborn or neonatal acne

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Published: 24th July 2008
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The acne newborn is also called by the neonatal acne. This disease affects the skin around 20% of newborns and infants. During the immaturity, acne is associated when the sebaceous glands clog the pores of the skin. Mother goes through hormones to newborns. These hormones develop the oil glands in the skin of the baby or infant.

The newborn acne appears on the cheeks, forehead, chin and face newborns. In some cases, the newborn baby is also affected by whiteheads (types of acne).
Newborns get acne very often and this acne occurs in some models, such as:

* Male babies are affected by acne neonatal more compared to female babies.
* The acne can occur in the skin of the baby within one month from the birth of the baby.
* Papules and pustules are the main types of acne in newborns or infants.

This type of acne appears on the cheeks, scalp, face and other body parts. There is no need for treatment for acne newborn because acne can solve them. Newborn acne is caused by quisquillosos, hot or skin irritation. This type of acne develops when the baby's skin contact with dirty clothes and when the baby's clothes had become wet from saliva or milk.

Therefore, parents should wash your face baby gently with mild soap and warm water regularly Lucas. Do not use lotions and oils in the affected area of the baby's skin, and can help increase acne and acne worse.

Avoid washing the baby face, because it can be irritated skin. This type of acne can be gone in 2-4 weeks. This is not a serious problem for the skin or nursing babies. And maybe disappear in a few weeks. The tendency to cause acne baby may continue between the ages of four to six months. If the acne does not eliminate the newborn within six months, go to the pediatrician immediately.

Topics such as creams or retinoids Keratolytic agents or benzoyl peroxide is suggested for the severe form of acne newborn. There is no need for any form of acne to be affected babies after the delivery date.

Thus, parents should wash the baby clothes in a detergent that contains no harsh chemicals and ingredients. Natural products, Aveeno baby washes and soothing lotions are prepared for newborns or infants to treat acne and sensitive skin prone. Babies who have acne, use vinegar solution to treat any type of acne newborn.

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